Get up, get out, get it done.

Here at Team TCC we like to do things differently!  We believe that all athletes deserve to be the best they can be, having a coach is the best way in which to do this. 

However, we understand that this can be quite a scary experience, not least in the financial department (well, you do need that new TT bike after all).  For this reason we have created online coaching packages that are suitable for all levels of athletes and price points.

The Triathlon Coaching Company was created to give athletes an affordable and feature packed option when looking for online coaching.  We put together 3 levels of packages to fit with all types of commitment levels to give our athletes the options they need to enable them to race at the best level they can.  Why not take a look at our packages here

What People Say About Us

"My coach has completely changed the way I train. I train more efficiently now which means I train less. It’s quality over quantity. Since this change in the way I train I have not sustained any injuries which is fantastic.."

By Sarah

"The team at TCC have been brilliant with me, they have helped me develop my fitness and my confidence in racing"

By Steve


All our coaches are fully qualified British/Welsh Triathlon Coaches and insured by Insure for Sport