Get up, Get out, Get it Done.

Here at The Triathlon Coaching Company we are truly passionate about helping athletes reach their goals. 

The problems you face are the same ones we have faced at some point.

Trying to balance the everyday issues:

  • Work Life
  • Family Life
  • Injury/Health
  • Social Life

We have the knowledge and experience to adapt and overcome these issues.  After coaching many athletes just like you, and being in the same position with our training we have created our packages to focus on quality over quantity and help you make the most of the little free time you have.

We will build a plan around you, your lifestyle and your goals to get you to the start line in the best shape possible.

Let us take the stress out of your planning and work together to build a programme of training that is focused on your specific goals, areas for improvement and above all your available time.

What People Say About Us

"My coach has completely changed the way I train. I train more efficiently now which means I train less. It’s quality over quantity. Since this change in the way I train I have not sustained any injuries which is fantastic.."

By Sarah

"I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Coach Chris. His knowledge, experience, understanding and patience has made a massive difference in my performance. In particular my swimming and running have improved dramatically under his coaching (these were definitely areas which needed some work ). With Chris it’s a two-way process: he listens and adapts training to fit in with your ever-changing needs and lifestyle."

By Vicky