Workout of the month - September 2019

Training, September 08, 2019

This months workout is all about the run. Specifically about running well, as endurance athletes we spend a lot of time working on our aerobic conditioning, but, you still don't want to neglect working on running at speed. To be able to race fast we must be able to run fast too.


When we look at endurance training a large bulk of what we do is (or should be) at a low intensity.  Time on your feet is important to be able to build the endurance engine so you can cover the distances required by the nature of our sport.  Even at sprint distance we are still looking at least 50-60 mins of effort.  So, we all know that endurance training will benefit you come race day, but, so too, will harder efforts.  We are talking about close to or just above our functional threshold pace or heart rate around 90%-102% of your LTHR or 88-103% of your LT-Pace.  You may here the terms Tempo run, or cruise intervals banded around quite frequently, there can be some confusion between these terms, and both seem to be used interchangeably at some points.  Both of these terms refer to a similar training session but with one or two key differences:


Tempo Run – sustained effort over 10-45 minutes at LTHR/LT-Pace zone 3

Cruise Interval – 3-5 intervals of 6-12 minutes per effort building to LTHR/LT-Pace zone 4 with a rest interval or 0.25 the duration of the effort.


As you can see both of these types of efforts work on running hard, but, as the intensity rises the amount of work reduces.  These efforts will be quite taxing and will need some concentration from you as the athlete.  But, the benefits of these types of intervals can be:


  • Improve your mental capacity for hard work
  • Improve the body’s ability to process lactate (shift the threshold upwards)
  • Boost muscle strength and density


With all this in mind, this months session is firmly planted as a Cruise interval session, based around a novice athlete these sessions can be used once a week to build on your ability to run faster and the length of the repeats or amount can be increased towards the top end over a period of 4-6 weeks


W/U 10-15 mins building effort/pace up to top end of LTHR/LT-Pace zone 2.  4-6 30 second efforts at LT-Pace zone 4/5 RPE 8-9 (don’t rely on heart rate as the intervals are too short) with 30 second walking active rest intervals


Main session


3x6 minute @ LTHR/LT-Pace 4 with 90 seconds walking rest interval between each set


8 mins @ LTHR/LT-Pace 2



10 min decreasing effort/pace from LTHR/LT-Pace 2 - LTHR/LT-Pace 1

Complete normal cooldown routine (stretching etc)


That’s it for this months session, let us know what you think and send us your post session selfies too if you get a chance!


Get up, Get out, get it done!