July 2020 Workout of the Month

Training, July 06, 2020

This month we are looking at a great multi effort interval session covering a good range of heart rate zones and effort levels, great for the time crunched athlete




This months session is a one hit wonder for the bike. Covering a good range of intensities within a 60 min session it should have you feeling rather tired afterwards. The purpose of this session is to give you a chance to work on developing both your muscular endurance and your top end power all within one session, this is great for those of you who have limited time and/or just fancy having a session that pushes you a bit hearder than normal.  It is also a great session to put in when you just want to have a bit of variety. 

It starts with a easy 10 min warm up, which then leads in to a double climb of intensity taking you through all the power zones up to Zone 4 (first time through is for a decreasing time at each step, second is consistent all the way through). There is then a short recovery and on to the power development phase kicking you in to 30 second repeats at zone 5 with short recoveries in-between efforts. Once you have been put through those its on to the muscular endurance section of 5 minute repeats at zone 4. This session is quite tough so make sure you are well reseted and have plenty of fluids ready.


Warm up

10 min @ Zone 1 RPE 1-2


Build Set

Ramp up in 4 steps:


3 min @ Zone 1-Low Zone 2 RPE 2-3

2 min @ Zone 2 RPE 3-4

1 min @ Zone 2-Low Zone 3 RPE 4-5

30 sec @ Zone 3- Low Zone 4 RPE 5-6


Ramp up in 4 steps:


3 min @ Zone 1 RPE 1-2

3 min @ Zone 2 RPE 3-4

3 min @ Zone 3 RPE 5-6

3 min @ Zone 4 RPE 7-8



2 min @ Zone 1-2 RPE 1-4


Main Set 1


Repeat 4 times


30 sec @ Zone 5 RPE 9-10



1 min @ Zone 1-2 RPE 1-4


Main Set 2

Repeat 2 times

5 min @ Zone 3 RPE 5-6
3 min @ Zone 1 RPE 1-2


Cool Down

7:30 @ Zone 1 RPE 1-2


If you have a go of this session let us know how you get on and if you enjoyed it!