Workout of the month - July 2019

Training, July 01, 2019

We’ve decided to start sharing some session ideas so that you can go out and do some workouts that will not only challenge you but will also allow you work on some things that you may not look at when you coach yourself. These will also help give you some ideas on what type of sessions will help with your weaknesses and develop them.


This month we have chosen to look at a real favourite with our athletes, the multi brick session.  This session not only helps with the jelly leg feeling when running straight off the bike, it also helps you settle into a pace making sure you don’t push too hard before your body has had chance to catch up.  Normally we would start putting these workouts in to a plan in the final phase of training for a race when we are looking at making the training more race like.  This session is also really engaging too as you are constantly changing from one discipline to the other and changing your effort levels too.  The added benefit is that it also focusses on developing your race pacing especially for shorter distance races.


To adapt for iron distance we would look at extending the session out slightly and reducing the intensity, however as a mid-week high intensity session you could complete it as is, making sure you leave enough recovery time between this and the next workout


Multi Brick session


This session is all about getting some good transitions in and developing your capability to switch from bike to run. This will help limit or reduce the 'jelly leg' feeling that can sometimes occur when running straight off the bike.


Warm up
Bike 10 mins at PWR/HR Zone 1-2

Bike 10 min PWR/HR Zone 3-4
Run 10 Min HR Zone 3-4 or 10K pace

Bike 10 min PWR/HR Zone 2-3
Run 10 Min HR Zone 2-3 or marathon pace

Warm Down
Bike 10 min PWR/HR Zone 1-2


So, wht are you wating for?  Get up, Get out and Get it Done!