Sophie and Kevin: Part of the Community

Roy and Chris at TCC have been absolutely lifesavers during the pandemic. The classes 3 times a week has kept up fit (and sane!). The classes are a really good balance of toning, cardio and stretching; and are truly accessible to all - Roy does a really good job of making sure there are plenty of options for everyone participating. I have a knee injury so really appreciate having these options. Personally, I often find gyms and classes quite intimidating and worry that I’m perhaps not ‘good enough' to be there; but I can say hand on heart that the TCC community and those that take part in the classes make it such a lovely place to be. The instructors and classmates are very warm and welcoming, and there’s always room for a bit of banter along the way!. It’s been great to feel so close to people who are literally hundreds of miles away from where we live. Thanks Roy and Chris for all that you do in team TCC