Not quite ready for a coach?

Does this sound like you? 


  • I need a plan that fits me better.
  • I need to focus on a certain discipline more than the rest
  • My lifestyle doesn't fit a normal training plan


We know how it feels!

We've been there ourselves; we started out using generic plans built to get us fit enough for our first races. In fact, we still build them too, but we noticed several athletes need more than just a basic training plan. Sometimes you just need a bit more of a swim focus, or you may have a unique race distance or type in mind. You may even have multiple races spread over many weeks. Due to the flexible nature of life, a basic plan will not suffice, but you're not quite ready for a coach yet; you are well and truly stuck in the middle. This is where our bespoke training planning comes in; we aim to build a plan specifically for you (the same as we would with our one-to-one athletes), taking into account all of your strengths, weaknesses, races and lifestyle, all packaged up with full email support from our coaches to give you some of the most important and useful parts of having a one to one coach. 


Why choose one of our bespoke training plans?

We focus on three key things.

We don't believe in shortcuts or gimmicks; we build our plans with tried and tested methods to get you to the start line in the best shape possible. Our focus is:

1. Building your endurance

2. Building your skills

3. Maximising your training time


How do we build your endurance?


All of our plans include focused aerobic building sessions that push your fitness up over time to allow your body to adapt at a manageable rate.



Why do we build your skills?


You may have all the endurance in the world, but if you can't swim, bike or run efficiently, you will be wasting all of that hard-earned fitness.



How do we maximise your time?


By building our plans to include focused time-efficient sessions, we can help you gain your fitness in the smallest amount of time possible.


We use Training Peaks to build all of our plans, allowing you to have great flexibility, personalise your training zones, and get daily reminders. Which is even able to integrate your training into all major training devices (Garmin,  Apple etc.)  and training software such as Zwift, Trainer Road and Rouvy

Our plans are expertly created by our British Triathlon Level 3, IRONMAN© + TrainingPeaks Level 2 Certified Coach, Coach Chris, who has 20 years of coaching experience. Using well-established training practices, he ensures you are getting the best type of training for your experience.



Free TrainingPeaks Account

All plans include a Free Basic TrainingPeaks Account. The ability to access your plan from anywhere through the use of the TrainingPeaks mobile and desktop apps. You can also track your progress and performance with detailed charts. You can also track your weight, sleep, fatigue and stress through the app. Your workouts will auto-sync with all the most popular training apps and devices.

Auto-Syncing Structured Workouts

All plans are built with structured workouts for cycling and running. These workouts will sync with training platforms such as Zwift, TrainerRoad and Rouvy, automatically allowing you to complete them hassle-free. Along with this, they will also sync to your GPS watch or training device and prompt you all the way through your workout.

Fully Detailed Weekly focusses.

Along with all the workouts, you will get weekly coaches' advice and goals for the week ahead, giving you the advice and guidance to adjust your plan if required and make sure you get the vital workouts for the week completed. Along with this, many of our plans contain nutritional advice and race day planning too. And you also get free email coach support for the length of your plan.

How it Works

Step One

Get in touch via the button below and book a consultation call for our bespoke plans.

Step Two

We will send you an athlete basic details form and collect all the relevant information for us to start building your plan

Step Three

We will build a sample plan for you to look at and discuss and amend it to meet your requirements. Once you are happy, we will send the plan on receipt of payment

Ready for a bespoke plan?

Take a look at our available times and days for a consult call below. Simply pick a day and time that suits you, choose your coach and we will do the rest.