Our Services

The Triathlon Coaching Company has a package to suit all abilities and budgets.  Take a look at our services below and click the links to see the plans, prices and detailed benefits of each.

'The Print and Play' Option

Want a plan without a subscription?

Just want a plan to get you round?

 Want the freedom to use the plan again?

TCC offer a range of template plans for all experience levels and distances.  We have balanced plans or swim, bike and run focuses to improve on your weaker areas.  These plans can be downloaded as PDF files with all sessions laid out for you.  Each plan is individually priced and comes with all the details you need to get you round your next race.

Team TCC

Don't want just a print and play plan? Not Quite Ready for the full coached experience?

Want something a bit more detailed or build your own plan with our awesome sessions and support?

The Team TCC package gives you access to our training sessions, template plans, recipes, articles and best of all access to our coaches via the IOS and Android App and our memebers only Facebook group.

'The Personalised' Experience

Want to be the best athlete you can be?

Want a personalised training plan based around your unique needs?

Want to have a coach who gets you, your goals and your abilities?

TCC have the answer.  Our 'The Personalised' package has all the great features of 'The Basics' membership package along with full access to our coaches, personalised coaching plans with personalised Strength and Conditioning programmes, regular assessment, adjustment and development of your training needs.

The 'Personalised Plus' Experience

Want something more?

Need more data?

Need more focus?

TCC also offer coaching through the Training Peaks system giving you and your coach more data, better analysis and more focused training sessions. 

Due to the bespoke nature of these packages our coaches will need more information from you, use the button below to book a no commitment consultation with us                             


Analysis Session

We understand that sometimes you just need some help.  TCC offer a range of analysis sessions in swim bike and run.  Be that stroke analysis, run mechanics or fitness testing.  Our experienced and qualified coaches will guide you through the sessions and give you your own personalised feedback and free template plan to get your training on course.   These can be face to face or competed remotely.

Click the link for more information or to book a session with us

Group Training Sessions

We also offer some great group training sessions in North Wales.  We have a weekly swim session (run and bike coming soon) and we also hold one off group sessions covering open water swims, transition training and our skill development days.

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All our coaches are fully qualified British/Welsh Triathlon Coaches and insured by Insure for Sport