Online Group Sessions

Do you want to keep fit?  Want to work with other like-minded people looking to improve strength, flexibility and overall robustness as an active person?  These sessions are for you!  Each session is designed to give you a full-body workout, and each specific day will focus on different areas of fitness.  They have been put together to feed on from each other or for you to dip in and out as you please. Each session is designed to complement your current training and level of fitness; whether just starting out or with years of experience, you'll find these sessions beneficial and a worthwhile investment to get you up, get you out and help you get it done!

*******All Sessions Are Currently Available for FREE for the whole of December - Use code freesession at checkout to claim. 

You can of course still pay if you wish just leave the code blank at checkout. *******

How will the sessions help you?

Improve your strength

Each session is specifically designed to increase your overall functional strength and develop your ability to work over a full range of real-world body movements

Increase your Flexibility

Each session includes movements that will encourage your flexibility using your full range of movement, building and developing at your own pace

Be part of a motivational social group

All sessions are completed in a group environment to allow you to feel involved, motivated and part of a team of like-minded athletes.

Don't just take our word for it!

Check out what our fitness family have to say about our sessions, see why we love doing what we do.  If you are looking to get fit, engage with others and have a really fun and friendly workout join us for any of our fitness sessions all from the comfort of your own home!

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not an athlete, will this be too hard?

These sessions are designed so you can work at your own level of difficulty and will always have an option to progress or regress, aided by the watchful eye of your coach.  Our coaches will also be able to check your technique and give advice on how to improve live

I'm no good with technology, how can I take part?

All the sessions are run through Zoom and you will be guided through the simple start-up process via email.  One of our coaches will be on hand throughout the session to help with login issues etc should the need arise

I want to train with my family, will I need to book more than one space?

No, the bookings are for each device not for each person, in fact, we positively encourage our athletes to get the family on board.  We really want to see you all taking part!

What sessions are available?

Strength and Conditioning Sessions with Coach Roy


Power Stretch



Slow, controlled and focussed range of movement exercises

Wednesdays are all about developing your body control through a full range of movement across the whole body, keeping the muscles under tension for longer periods of time to help strengthen and enhance your flexibility

Sport Specific Online Sessions with Coach Chris Coming Soon!


Dry-land Swim



Swim Specific Band Workouts

Join Coach Chris for the 30 minutes swim specific workout of the week.  this session is all about developing your swim stroke mechanics and muscles through specifically targeted exercises and resistance work


Zoom Turbo



An hour of mixed intensity and pedalling efficiency turbo session

These sessions are designed to complement your normal road riding with some higher intensity work which will benefit athletes of all levels and distances with some great quality skills and drills, short and sharp and a great way to while away your Thursday nights