Want to be the best you can be?

Do you want to go faster or go further?

Join our Personalised PLUS package and not only have more contact with your coach, have a more focussed plan through Training Peaks, better analysis of your workouts and fitness development with WKO5 and race day planning with Best Bike Split!


What makes the 'Personalised PLUS Plan' different?

Our personalised PLUS plans have all the benefits of the personalised package plus more regular contact with your coach, a premium Training Peaks account and weekly amendments to your plan to make sure you can train to your potential at all times.  You get a training plan built around your needs, including a bespoke strength and conditioning plan to address your areas of focus.  Your training and plan is adjusted weekly to meet your changes in fitness and to allow for changes in your lifestyle or other commitments using WKO5 to delve deeper in to your training progression and development.  You get dedicated contact with your coach once a week via phone or Skype to discuss your programme, performance and other areas for improvements.  You also get Premier access to development days (including discounts), webinars and discounted rates on all TCC products and services.


Key Features

Detailed Personalised Training Plans

A purpose built plan for your goal race including bespoke Strength and Conditioning to get you to the start line in top condition.

Coach Support

You will get direct support from our coaches through our Facebook Group and via email, plus weekly dedicated progress calls to discuss your training in greater detail.

Weekly Analysis and Feedback

You will get detailed weekly feedback on your training and adjustments to your plan to ensure you are training at the optimal level, using WKO5 to really dig down in to the details around your training and what areas can be improved on.

Free Premium Training Peaks Account

You will get a free Training Peaks account to schedule your training, analyse your training and much more.

Exclusive Members Only Content

Access to coach videos, articles and guides exclusive to our athletes

Exclusive Discounts

You will get access to exclusive partner discounts and offers, plus early access and discounts to training camps and other sessions

Don't just take our word for it!

"My coach has completely changed the way I train. I train more efficiently now which means I train less. It’s quality over quantity. Since this change in the way I train I have not sustained any injuries which is fantastic.."

Sarah R, IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship Age Group Qualifier

"The Team at TCC have revolutionised the way I train and have helped me smash my goals for this year!  My experience has been brilliant"

Darren S, L2M Ultra Finisher

Detailed Personalised Training Plans

As part of the 'Personalised package PLUS' you will get a fully detailed training plan built specifically around your race goals and areas of development to allow you to perform at your best.  We will use all of your athlete information to give you a package that suits your current levels of fitness, amount of time to train and your particular needs, this will include full goal setting consultation call and ongoing plan adjustments completed weekly to give you more control over how you are training and performing.  This will also include analysis through WKO5 to really look at the details around your training and to help develop more personalised sessions linked directly to your athlete type.

Coach Support

You will get full access to our coaches through the facebook group and email along with an initial goal setting and planning meeting to discuss your plans in more detail and for us to get a better picture of what you need.  You  will then receive weekly dedicated progress calls with your coach to discuss your progress and any areas for development directly.

Training Peaks Account

Personalised PLUS athletes get access to a Training Peaks Premium account, to give you more control over your training and view your progress along with allowing you to schedule your training directly into your diary.  You can also monitor your own training and see how your fitness is progressing.  We also use Best Bike Split to help be more specific with your race selection to not only plan your training sessions to mimic race day, we will also give you a race day plan based around your performances to help you put together the best on the day bike you can.

Exclusive Members Extras

You will get access to our Team TCC training kit, early access to video interviews, training sessions, webinars and training camps.  Along with heavy discounts on 1-2-1 sessions, fitness testing and products from our selected partners.  You will also get one free remote swim video analysis (worth £30) Everything to help you on your way to your best race possible!

Ready for the Personalised PLUS Experience?


Per Month for all this:

  • All the Personalised package details 
  • Weekly 30 minute contact with your coach (via Skype or telephone)
  • Initial Goal setting, planning and a free remote swim video analysis
  • Weekly analysis and adjustment to your plan and analysis through WKO5
  • Unlimited access to our coaches through the facebook group, messenger and via email
  • Bespoke Strength and Conditioning Programme (focused on your areas for improvement)
  • Discounted rates for 1.2.1's, analysis sessions and group sessions
  • Early access and discounted rates for development days and camps


All our plans come with no contract or minimum term